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My name is Matteo Natalucci and I’m a freelance public affairs and content marketing consultant. 

I help organisations, companies and public figures get organic traffic and leads. I provide both data-driven content strategy consulting and content creation services.

Content Marketing Consultant

My consulting clients include NGOs, politicians as well as tech and media companies. 

Featured in the Financial Time, Sky News, Jane's,  Port Technology International, Government Computing and EU Capacity for Development.   

I’m tech savvy inbound marketing expert with experience in web design, SEO, content management, content marketing, marketing automation, content strategy, analytics, email marketing, PR and lead generation.

Marketing Philosophy

Search-focused content means you’re creating content for an existing audience that is looking for solutions your business can provide. You first need to design a content funnel and identify keywords that get sufficient monthly traffic and are directly related to your business.


  • Content funnel design.
  • Keyword research.
  • Production of the best content on the internet.
  • Offer with a clear CTA (call to action).

Content Marketing Consulting Process

Goals. Set SMART content goals.

Metrics. Identify key metrics to track to measure and optimize content efforts.

Content funnel. Design content funnel (content marketing plan) for a chosen audience using information, education, and solution-based content.

Keywords. Identify relevant keywords with substantial search volume and low competition and assign these keywords to the content funnel.

Analysis. Analyze existing content, competitors and create the action plan.

Optimization. Optimize existing content and website by deleting, merging or improving the content to fit the goals and content funnel.

Production. Produce content based on a content funnel and keywords.

Automation. Automate content distribution by setting up auto-sharing to social media, email list, and outreach contacts.

Review. Every 3 months, review and analyze the results. Review goals, metrics, and change accordingly.

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Matteo Natalucci

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